Federal Solar Rebates, Incentives & Payment Options

Solar Rebates in Saskatoon

Hey Saskatoon! Are you looking for government grants for residential solar?  The greener homes initiative grant is a wonderful place to get started. This program provides grants from $125-$5000 for specific projects listed here.

There is also up to $600 for an EnerGuide evaluation which is required for the greener homes initiative grant. This evaluation is done before and after the retrofit to prove your retrofit is more efficient.

Natural Resources Canada has NOT approved any third parties to reach out to you, EnerGuide home energy evaluations are performed by licensed organizations only at the homeowner’s request.

Lastly, this program has interest-free loans available with a repayment term of 10 years to help you undertake major home renovations.

What you need to know, eligibility, loan details, and how to apply can be found here.



Don’t sit on this one too long, there are a limited number of government grants for solar power to be distributed.



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Source: https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy-efficiency/homes/canada-greener-homes-grant/23441