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Why Solar Energy in Saskatchewan?

A few years ago, an amazing thing happened with almost nobody noticing.  The cost of solar power matched, and then declined past the cost of utility power across much of North America.  This is called ‘grid parity’.  Even in northern Canada.  This is a big deal, because that means if you have solar power, your energy costs will not increase for the life of your system (which are warrantied by the manufacturers for 25 years).  We have not found anyone who is prepared to claim that the cost of electricity from the utilities is going to be going down in the future, so the solar advantage will continue to grow.  If you agree that the cost of electricity from Manitoba Hydro, or SaskPower will not go down in the future, then a grid tied solar power system on your house or business makes sense.  Both economically, and environmentally.

When you think about solar energy, there is a lot to consider.  This picture we think is a good place to start.  The most obvious thing here is that great big yellow sphere that represents the total amount of energy that falls on the surface of the earth every year.  It is easy to see that solar is the 800lb gorilla in the room!  And each one is a sphere, not a circle.  If this was done using circles, you would not be able to see the other energy sources because they would be too small to notice beside the enormous solar potential.


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In the last 2 decades, the cost of solar power has declined to the point that it is now the lowest cost way of generating power in much of the world. A couple of years ago, the cost of solar reached, and then passed, ‘grid parity’ for most of North America. This is the point at which it is cheaper to make your own power from the sun than it is to buy it from the utilities. It is pretty clear that you will save money with a solar power system.

The impact of humanity on the earth is evident all around us. Never before have we as a species had as much power to change our environment as we do now. Unfortunately, much of the time we change it for the worse. But by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, we can each play a meaningful role in making things better. Installing solar power systems is a meaningful way to make the world better.

Some people like to be independent. Solar power can provide that for some people. Being ‘off the grid’ can be very empowering – knowing that you are in charge, and not dependent on some large corporation to provide what you need for your way of life. Others have no choice about being off the grid because the grid does not reach to where they are. Stand alone solar power systems can fill this need.

Home Value

You don’t need to worry about what happens with your investment in a solar power system on your home if you move or sell. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US has recently completed a study that shows several advantages to having a well designed and installed solar power system when you sell your home. What they have found is:

Frequently Asked Solar Questions

You can add battery storage but typically what is gained is used immediately.

Your solar power system is designed to shut down if the grid power goes down. This is to keep electrical workers safe. When the grid power comes back, your solar power system will restart by itself after a couple of minutes.

No – we strongly recommend you let nature look after getting any snow off your panels.

No – we strongly recommend you let nature look after getting any snow off your panels.

Solar panels can be installed safely on your roof as long as your shingles are in good condition, and your roof is structurally sound.

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